Applause at Mass

When we priests correct people for carrying on a conversation or giving applause in church, they will often say: “Father is old fashioned, he needs to get with the times.

On a few occasions, Pope Benedict wrote about the unsuitable practice of applause in church. It also happened that St. John XXIII spoke on this issue. One day, when Pope John was visiting a church, the people began to shout and broke out in applause as he entered the church. Upon arriving at the throne, the Holy Father said:

I am very glad to have come here. But if I must express a wish, it is that in church you not shout out, you not clap your hands, and you not greet even the Pope, because ‘templum Dei, templum Dei.’ (“The temple of God is the temple of God.”) Now, if you are pleased to be in this beautiful church, imagine how happy the Pope is to see his dear children. But as soon as he sees his good children, he certainly does not clap his hands in their faces.”

H/T to my friend Fr. Jarabek!

Watch the video of the event.

There is also the last public Mass of Pope Benedict XVI. After Cardinal Bertone’s message of thanksgiving for the service of Pope Benedict, the congregation wen into a very long and spontaneous applause and shouting in the background. The Holy Father gave a very sting message by his silence and finally asked everyone: “Thank you, thank you, let us return to prayer.” You can see this moment at 6:42

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What is the “hidden treasure”, and the “pearl of great price?” In this episode, I’ll share my homily on what the “hidden treasure” is and tell you how you can cash in on it.

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Major persecutions of Christians, and no one cares!

guadalupeI saw the video below on Facebook. You have to watch it! HT: Fr. Richard Heilman

The Holy Father has spoken out about this major atrocity, yet our nation and no other is standing up for the rights of Iraqi Christians. Watch this video and ask yourself if you are ready for a persecution, or even willing to sacrifice for the freedoms we have today.

Crosses have been removed from churches, churches have been burnt to the ground. The lastMass said in the city of Mosul was on June 22nd. The faith has been in Mosul, and Mass has been said in that city for 1,600 years up until now.

We have one defense an it isn’t weapons of mass destruction. We have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Holy Rosary. The Battle of Lepanto was won through the intercession of Our Lady of the Rosary. All odds were agains the Christian armies protecting Europe from the invasion of the Ottoman Empire. “The Holy League credited the victory to the Virgin Mary, whose intercession with God they had implored for victory through the use of the Rosary. Andrea Doria had kept a copy of the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe given to him by King Philip II of Spain in his ship’s state room. Pope Pius Vinstituted a new Catholic feast day of Our Lady of Victory to commemorate the battle, which is now celebrated by the Catholic Church as the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.” (WP)

If we do not become the Catholics that God expects us to be, we can expect things to degrade even more, but if we embrace the Gospel and the message of Fatima, we can change the world!