iPadre #18 – Posture & Participation at Mass

I’m back!  Sorry for the long delay.  Lent, Holy Week, Easter and Divine Mercy were really busy.  Today’s show continues with a talk from my Lenten series on Liturgy.  “The Power of Posture & Active Participation at Mass”.  This was a great talk given by a friend and parishioner of mine – Laurie Biszko.  We are a bit longer than normal, but it is well worth it.Most our Lenten series talks were based on a book by Pope Benedict XVI “The Spirit of the Liturgy”.  I highly recommend it.  It is a very slow reader.  You may have to re-read parts, but it will give you the thought of our Holy Father and where the Liturgy is headed in the future.

– Today by Amy Dalley

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