iPadre #100 – Celebration


I really can’t believe we’ve made it to our 100th show! Not much serious in today’s show. A lot of feedback, 100th show song, 100th show giveaway and a new feedback song (yea, everyone else is starting to do it, so…).

Thank you! Thank you for your faithful listening, your feedback, your friendship. God bless you all!

Winners of the 100th Show Giveaway

• 1st Prize Winner – Brand New iPod Nano

• Steve from Boiling Springs, PA

• 2nd Prize Winners – Rosaries from Medugorje

• George from Lake Forest, CA
• Rich from Alquippa, PA
• Barb from Omaha, NE
• Arlet from Lakewook, CA

• 3rd Prize Winners – San Damiano Crosses

• Scott from Louisville, KY
• Daniel from Warminster, PA
• Erika from Portage, PA
• Dayanthe from Australia (emigrated from Sri Lanka)

• Special Consolation Prize –

• John from Brooklyn, NY
• Sharon from Portsmouth, OH

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– “Here I Am” – Andrew Ryan

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