iPadre Videocast #8 – Visit with the Capuchin Sisters of Nazareth

I recently visited some dear friends of mine, the Capuchin Sisters of Nazareth at their new Postulant house in Bastress, PA. Meet the young women preparing to become Capuchin Sisters at the Mother of the Eucharist Convent.

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3 thoughts on “iPadre Videocast #8 – Visit with the Capuchin Sisters of Nazareth

  1. Good Day, Padre!
    As a Vocational Director I watch many hours for new and inSPRIT-ing videos to inform myself, and see if I can offer the Order that just might be the ‘Right-Fit’, for those who have placed so much trust in me as their Spiritual Companion on this, their Journey of Faith…
    The Capuchin Sister’s of Nazareth video WAS SO INSPIRING!!! BUT>>>>>>
    they waited to see the follow up video! Did they all stay?? Who left?? Did the Sister’s decide that some HAD to leave, etc. etc.
    Actually, even in 1964 when I entered—I would have asked the same questions…
    Is a ‘Follow-Up’ video in the making? They would be novices, about to be ready for first Vows!!!
    May The SPIRIT guide you to
    help us in our work…
    Holy Lent—and Happy Spring!
    Sr.Christina of The Dove

  2. dont we just lurve the end bits showing you laughing father and so human I am sure st francis had a joyful fun side too?

    • Hi Sister,

      The girls in the video are now novices. You will shortly see some pictures of them on their website (actually, I have to make some time to put them on).

      God bless you in your vocation work!

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