Etiquette is a code of polite behavior in society or among a specific group of people.  For example, it is not polite to burp at table or talk with one’s mouth full.  How embarrassing it is when inadvertently do something in public that we know to be against good etiquette.

There is also a code of etiquette that is often overlooked or neglected.  It is not so much wishing someone a blessing when they sneeze, but sneezing in a proper manner!

When was the last time you were in a crowd and someone sneezed?  Maybe you felt the spray of a sneeze or cough.  Just as disgusting is when someone sneezes or coughs in their hand and offers you the sign of peace or handshake.  There is a way to sneeze/ cough and there is a way NOT to sneeze/ cough.

The following video shows the importance of proper sneeze/ cough etiquette and the second one shows you how to do it properly!



2 thoughts on “Gazuntite!

  1. There are just times that sneezing can’t be help. It’s just involuntary, though there’s a hint before it attacks. We all know what that hint is, right?

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