iPadre #168 – Vespers at St. Joseph’s Abbey

In the last episode, we did a sound seeing tour of St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, MA.  In this episode, you can join us as the Monks pray vespers (evening prayer) in their beautiful chapel.  If your at home, turn down the lights and let these beautiful prayers calm your soul!

– Music: “Blessed Hope” by The Glenn Mohr Chorale
– St. Joseph’s Abbey – Spencer, MA
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One thought on “iPadre #168 – Vespers at St. Joseph’s Abbey

  1. Thank you for sharing your visit to St. Joseph’s Abbey. It brought make memories of my visit over the summer to the Abbey of Gethsemene in Kentucky, which established St. Joseph’s Abbey. I agree with your comment that everyone should seek out and visit a monastary or covnet near them.

    Thank you for your wonderful podcasts.

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