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REUSEL, Netherlands, February 17, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A Catholic priest in the small Dutch town of Reusel is drawing criticism for his decision last week to deny communion to an openly homosexual man, reports Chrétienté.info. (Good for him, a brave priest!  This priest knows what he is all about.)

Gijs Vermeulen, 24, served as the “prince” for the town’s carnival this year. (What kind of town is this?)  In the official program for the event, he was pictured alongside his 5-year homosexual partner, Michael, and it is reported that the description of him focused on his homosexual lifestyle.

Fr. Luc Buyens called Vermeulen in advance to inform him that he would not be given communion during the days of the carnival because of his open proclamation of practicing homosexuality.  The priest offered to give him a blessing instead.

Despite a protest, Fr. Buyens held fast to his decision. (They forget, the Church is not democratic. Jesus gave the Apostles authority.  The Catechism relates that “The ministerial priesthood has the task … of representing Christ – Head of the Church – before the assembly of the faithful”.  It is not only his right to lead God’s people, but his obligation!) Vermeulen attended Mass, stating that he did not want to “spoil the party,” but did not approach the priest for the blessing. (Good for Vermeulen.  He attended Mass, all people should, but did not approach to receive Holy Communion.  St. Paul reminds us  that we need to examine ourselves before reception of Holy Communion.  If we are in sin, we should not dare approach the Holy Sacrament.  “Whoever, therefore, eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of profaning the body and blood of the Lord.” (1 Cor 11:27))

Vermeulen has said that he will be speaking further with the priest, the parish council, and others.  (Maybe he wants the Church’s advice on how he needs to change his life!)  “This story does not make me happy at all,” he said.  “I was raised as a Catholic.  I was baptised and I was confirmed.  (Obviously he did not receive the true Catholic teaching, or he rejected it.)  My grandfather and grandmother find the affair terrible. (If I were his grandparents, I would feel terrible about the whole affair also, but not for the same reason he thinks.)

It is the season of Lent, let us pray for our brother’s conversion.  He may be the prodigal son!

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  1. Let’s also pray for Fr. Buyens. I think he could use some prayer support on Sunday.

    Today I read that a member of the local municipal council (of all things!) called for a protest at the church in Reusel this Sunday. Representatives of homosexual media organisations have of course supported this. I am afraid that the general opinion will be on the side of the homoseuxals and that, once again, the Church is going to be depicted as oppressive and evil…

    It’s maddening. If I had the means to travel to the other side of the country, I would seriously consider attending Mass in Reusel this Sunday, as a small sign of support.

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