Signs and Proofs

Most of us have heard some theologian or Biblical scholar deny a dogmatic teaching of the Church or a story in Sacred Scripture.  In fact, if you went through the seminary, you probably hear a professor or had required reading that denied some truth or another.  The only thing that got most guys through the years of turmoil that many of us faced in our seminary days were great men like Pope John Paul II, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger and the like.  We knew the teachings of the Church and quietly made our ways to the altar so we did not face expulsion.

Funny thing is that many of the teachings we heard denied have been reinforced and strengthened.  The seminaries for the most part have turned around and drawn closer to the heart of the Church.

And God Himself has been giving the world signs of His truth.  When I had Old Testament in College Seminary, we were told that many of the miracles, signs and wonders of the Bible were only stories or fables that had a spiritual meaning, but really were not true.

One that stands out fits so well into Lent.  We all remember the great classic, “The Ten Commandments” directed by Cecil B. DeMille and staring Charlton Heston.  Those were the days of  great movies.  They had no technology like the movies of today, just good actors.

One of the highlights of “The Ten Commandments” is the crossing of the Red Sea.  Many Scripture scholars tried to tell us that it wasn’t really the Red Sea, but the Reed Sea, a small marsh that would have allowed Moses and the Israelites to cross with no problem.  “They could have never cross the Red Sea!”  said the “scholars” and other people who don’t believe in God’s power and miracles.

It seems that God has given proof of His great power.  An Archbishop sent me to a website that shows some astonishing findings.  Archiologist Ron Wyatt has found proof of the Red Sea crossing and has facts to prove it.  You’ll want to check out his website.

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