Don’t come to church, we’ll come to you!

Things really have not changed much throughout the history of the Church.  Today, we use the internet – websites, blogging, podcasting, video casting – whatever we can use to evangelize, we’ll do it.  As many of my online friends have come to know, I am a railroad enthusiast.  Anything I find that has to do with trains, and I’m there.  Right now, I’m in the process of completing my 6th live steam locomotive in 1-1/2″ scale.  After I complete this locomotive, it’s time to build some cars.  First on my list is to build a chapel car.  In fact, I intend to build a replica of the “Chapel Car Saint Anthony”.

In 1906, Fr. Francis Clement Kelly, the founder of the Catholic Extension Society attended the St. Louis World’s Fair.  Fr. Kelly was inspired by what he saw at the World’s Fair.  What he saw, was a Baptist Chapel Car.  If you can’t get to a church, the church will come to you.  Father Kelly wanted to bring the church to the many people living throughout these United States who had no priest and no church.  At the turn of the century, Baptists, Episcopalians and Catholic had their own chapel cars traveling the rails throughout this land.

Yesterday a railroad car, today a computer, what will tomorrow bring?

Here is a short clip of a video I got a number of years ago.