What you do!

A few nights ago, I was busy working on podcasts until about 8:30 PM.  I finally decided that I had better get something to eat, so I called a local sub shop and ordered a steak and cheese.  It was pretty hot all day and the humidity was very oppressive.  I just cant stand the humidity.  When I ordered the steak & cheese, they told me it would be ready in 10 minutes.

I arrived at the sub shop to pick up my sandwich, and as I was paying for my order, I was shooting a little small talk with the man serving me. I said what a terrible day it was, and how I could not stand the heat and humidity.  He told me he enjoyed his day until he arrived at work to waste his time.  I wished him a good night and left.

On my drive back to the rectory, I could not help but thinking how sad it is for someone to think their work is a was of time.  Our work gives us a unique quality and dignity.  Everyone thinks of a priestly or religious vocation as holy and making a difference, but most people don’t see that in their own work.  They feel that their work is just a human endeavor.

Every person’s work has dignity and makes a difference.  That man was serving my need to eat. Every job, unless it entails something that is inherently evil can be a source of holiness.  All that we do in life has the possibility to make a difference in our lives and in the lives we encounter.  In fact our work has the possibility of sanctifying us, making us holy, making us more like Christ.  However, it all depends on our attitude.  Do you see your work as serving Christ, or is it just a job?  We can make a difference in this world by giving our work to Christ and doing all we do in this life for His glory and for the salvation of souls.

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