iPadre #195 – The Church is Apostolic

In today’s episode, I present a talk given by Sr. Theresa May on the Catholicity of the Church.  In the beginning of the talk, there are a few sound problems, but it gets much better further on.

– Music “I Will Trust In You” by George Vinson
Apostolic Succession In The Roman Catholic Church
Catholic Hierarchy
Apostolicity in the Catholic Encyclopedia
– Tu Es Petrus Translation
– Fr. Jay Finelli (new Facebook Page)
– iPadre App
– Catholic New Media Celebration
– Music “Tu Es Petrus” by Franz Listz was sung by the Gregorian Chant Choir at the Cathedral of SS Peter & Paul, Providence, RI on June 26, 2010

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One thought on “iPadre #195 – The Church is Apostolic

  1. the sound problems are absolutely terrible. there are major sections that cannot be heard. its a great talk but the presentation is not good.

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