iPadre #201 – The Assumption of Mary

Most Marian celebrations and dogmas are greatly misunderstood.  The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is one of those dogmas that people don’t understand in it’s proper context.  In this episode, I’ll share my homily for the Solemnity of the Assumption. We also go over some feedback.

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2 thoughts on “iPadre #201 – The Assumption of Mary

  1. Thanks for this entry.
    I also found an interesting article about the Dormition/Assumption providing a broad perspective on the feast’s history and the various ways it is observed. Worth checking out: http://dstp.cba.pl/?p=2399

  2. More feedback. Thank you, Fr. Jim, and the members of Courage for your feeback to my question about how to respond to heterosexuals who feel they must defend SSA people against those who believe living the life style is not correct. All of it was very helpful. One point I liked was that the choice to follow Christ and the church and to be chaste regardless of the orientation is something all are called to. It is a level playing field. The other was that the choice to live a chaste life must be respected as well. Some of my younger family members engage in this debate about SS marriage on Facebook, and so far I have stayed out of it not wanting to use such an arena that often quickly leads to a breakdown in communication and an escalation of negative emotion. But as far I my walk with the Lord is concerned, Courage has inspired me to be more faithful to a consistent prayer life, utilizing the rich treasures the Catholic Church has to offer all of us. The benefits are beyond measure.
    God Bless all of you,
    Mary Ward

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