The Year for Priests is Over…

…but the Priesthood of Christ is Eternal!  Although the Year for Priests is over for almost two months, but dedicated work of priests continues world wide.  We only hear of the few rotten apples in the basket, but rarely hear of the priest who jumps out of bed at 3 AM to bring the sacraments to a dying person, or the priest who assists the dying, family members and emergency personnel at the scene of a tragedy.  But these are the many stories that go on every day and night in our own towns and neighborhoods.  The work of a priest is often thankless and never ending.  We have the grace of being Christ in the midst of a broken world.  To be the healing hands of Christ for the broken hearted.  The faces and names are many of those priests who faithfully work in their own little corner of the world, not seeking praise, but doing all for the love of Christ and His Church.

There is a great new wing of Catholics Come Home called Encourage Priests.  Drop on by the site and give your priest a Collar-Holler, send him a video greeting or a spiritual bouquet.  Let your priest know you appreciate his dedicated work by your love and faithful prayer.