What to do with old sacramentals?

Many people wonder what to do with old sacramentals.  What should you do with the palms you received on Palm Sunday last year or ten years ago?  How about that old rosary that has been broken and left in a draw?  Holy cards are another problem, they pile up and after a while, you just don’t know what to do with them.

First, we must ask what sacramentals are.  According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, “Sacramentals are sacred signs instituted by the Church.  They prepare men to receive the fruit of the sacraments and sanctify different circumstances of life” (1677).  Sacramentals come in many forms and shapes.  Any religious object that has received the blessing of the Church becomes a sacramental.  Rosaries, pictures, statues, bibles, prayer books, incense, among many other things can be sacramentals.  To become a sacramental, the religious good must be blest according to the approved rites of the Church.

Once an object becomes a sacramental, it still holds not magical powers. A crucifix or holy water have no power in and of themselves.  It is not as if I can take a little holy water, pour it on something or someone and that person or thing will be transformed.  Sacramentals, unlike the Sacraments depend on our personal faith.  The Eucharist, as long as it is celebrated by a validly ordained priest, who uses the form and matter required by the Church has it’s own power.  The Mass is the Sacrifice of Christ on Calvary and the bread and wine are transformed into the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ despite the worthiness of the minister.

Sacramentals on the other hand demand our personal faith.  The grace you and I receive through our devout use of a rosary or crucifix do not come from the sacramental, but through my/ you faith and trust in Jesus Christ to work through this vehicle.  Someone can wear the brown scapular, for example, and not make it into heaven.  Our Lady’s promise to those who wear the brown scapular demands a life in conformity with the moral code and creed of our Faith.  So the person who lives a devote, moral and upright life is saved not because of the scapular, but the scapular is a reminder to that person of their dedication to the Blessed Virgin Mary and her desire that we “do whatever He tells” us.

Now, although these sacramentals have no power on their own, they are dependent on our faith, they are still to be treated with utmost respect and reverence.  I would never allow someone to take a picture of my parents and do something crude to it.  We all know that the picture is not my parents, but it symbolizes something very sacred to me – my mother and father.  It is the same with sacramentals.  Sacramentals represent something very sacred and dear to us and must be treated with reverence and respect.

So, let’s get to the point of the matter, what to do with old sacramentals.  Old sacramentals should be burnt or buried.  If you have old palms from Palm Sunday, or holy cards that bear the image of Our Lord or the saints, they could be placed in a fireplace and burned.  Old rosaries, crucifixes or statues could be broken beyond recognition and buried in the back yard or garden.  The point is that we should never find a statue standing up in a trash can on the sidewalk, or any blest object in a situation that it would end up in the dump.

If you don’t know what to do with an item, give it to your priest.  Remember how you would want your most treasured items treated by someone else and treat sacramentals one step above!

Update: 5/30/17

I received the following comment, but refuse to approve it:

What an awful and unholy suggestion to just burn these items. Far better a statue to be seen at a dump or a trashcan then to never be seen again. (It is a sacrilege to place religious objects in the dump or given to secular use. The Sacred Congregation for Rites made it clear that blessed objects are not to trashed, but destroyed.) The light of The Lord shines everywhere. These *gifts*, prayer cards, books, leaflets etc spread The Good News far and wide and should always be allowed to do so. Yes some churches and priests in their total ignorance deny the light of Christ unless it suits them. But leaving articles at the back of the church is an awesome thing to do, as long as they are being used. If not find somewhere else to give. Pray for these false priests and religious who think the church is theirs alone as they serve only themselves in false pride. (Judgmental and arrogant from someone who does not know what the Church expects from  Her priests.) But for every ignoramus, there will be a thousand opens arms waiting to receive The Good News in any form. So share them far and wide. If you don’t know where then pray about it. But whatever you do DO NOT EVER destroy the light. Pete xxxxx

(Follow the advice of the Church, not some self educated Pete.)


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  1. Father, do you think that parishes could just have a special basket placed somewhere for parishioners to put their unwanted/broken/ripped, etc. sacramentals in? Thanks to the many requests we get for help, we have a ton of prayer cards, pictures, etc. that we can’t possibly keep up with. Thank you for this post!

  2. I would like to know how to get my Rosary blessed,,, should I bring it directly to my priest?

  3. Father i am interested in getting some of these rosaries,relics,saints medals that no one wants and if i could get them for free. If you don’t have any could you let me know some people that might have these? My email is fsacco1@yahoo.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • If you are still interested after 4 years, let me know. I have a handful of pray cards and two ceramic face wall hangings one of Mary and one of Jesus. I will gladly let you have them.

  4. I too have many religious prayer cards, rosaries and medals that I receive in the mail that I would love to send to someone or someplace that could give them to someone that could use them. If you know of a mission or some who wants them please email me. God Bless!


    • Dear… I was looking for a person who had a handful of religious articles… I am extremely glad and happy that I found you….. I am extremely interested in religious articles and sacramentals I would like to what type of medals and rosaries do you have in your collection…. please do inform me through an email…. also I am involved in corporate works of mercy by distributing such articles to those who need them I am extremely keen to know if you can send some of your collection to India…. I will be extremely grateful if you do this…. my email id is -akashrocks.sachdeva7@gmail.com please inform me I am waiting. Thank you

      • I tried your email address and was not able to get it to go via the address you gave.

  5. My mother used to collect sacramental, since she has passed away nobody cared for them. Now I thought of having them fixed before giving them to our relatives. Do you know any shop who revives such statues?

  6. Can someone tell me if the scapular medal is one of those on the “4 way” medal?

  7. I have a bunch of catholic prayer cards, prayer books, etc. My church does not allow parishioners to just leave them in the church. I really do not feel right about discarding them. There has to be some place to which I can mail them (within the U.S only). Any ideas? Thanks.

    • Yes, I would love to receive them for the purposes of proper disposal. If you care to send them to me please contact me at Bluesamson2005@gmail.com.

      This goes for anyone else wishing to dispose of any old sacramentals…please feel free to contact me.

      • I actually prefer to not have them disposed of or thrown away. I prefer to donate them or give them to someone who will make proper use of them. Thanks.

        • I would Love to have them, I live in Va. I fix and clean whatever need fixing or cleaning then I give them as gifts to the ones who need then, my email is abiarose@yahoo.com would love to hear from you

    • i’d love ’em. i use some of the material on my web site, if i can. and since I’m a convert I have a fascination with them that seems to escape people who grew up the cards and beads and medals, etc.

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