Are you ready?

We priests, often meet people in tragic circumstances.  In hospitals, homes and even on the street may be asked to give the Sacrament of the Sick.  People are often faced with diseases like cancer and aids that completely destroys the person’s body and they go through long suffering.  Yet there are those who face a sudden end through a massive heart attack, stroke, a tragic accidentand even some unexpected form of violence.  Whatever the circumstances, these people are all facing the ultimate, the end of their lives on earth.

Facing these kinds of circumstances on a regular basis can do one of two things, we can either become severely depressed, or we can meditate on the last things.  Ultimately  we all have to face the same reality, life on this earth will come to an end and there is no escaping it!  Everyone in our lives at this moment will all be gone within the next hundred years or so, maybe some will live a little longer than others, but we will all die!

Some are probably saying: “Do you have to ruing our Sunday with these morbid thoughts Father?”  The intention of this post is not to spoil your day, but to make it better.  Knowing that each one of us has a limited number of days and we don’t know when our number will be called should make us live a different kind of life.

We should never take for granted the gift of the present moment.  Each one of us should enjoy life, because life is a gift from God.  We should never let our responsibilities and anxieties take the joy out of our life.    Secondly, we need to be right with God!  Actually, the second one should be first, but I didn’t want to scare anyone off!  Did you go to Mass today and do you go every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation?  When was the last time you went to Confession?  Do you hold any grudges?  Are you living as God expects you to live?  This is starting to sound like an examination of conscience.  The truth is, if we are living as faithful disciples of Christ and living in the present moment, there is nothing to be worried about.  Are you ready?

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  1. Father,
    The best as always! I enjoy your podcasts and just found this via Facebook. Ironically, I am just leaving my office to go and help a family plan a funeral. Thank you for the words of wisdom…they will be spread!

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