I am a priest!

I am a priest!

Why am I a priest? What was God’s purpose in calling me? That I cannot answer, but I am a priest! There are many more gifted that could have done great things, but, I am a priest.

I am a priest! I was chosen by God Himself. Before I was created, God knew me, He consecrated me and appointed me! I have been raised to the dignity of the priesthood of Jesus Christ! This does not make me better, or more important than you, but I must not forget that I am a priest.

The priest is a gift to the Church. Without the priest there is no Mass and without the Mass there is no priest. The mass is my reason for being and everything about my priesthood flows from the Mass.

I am a priest! My hands are consecrated to consecrate. In my hands, bread and wine become the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ. I raise my hand over a sinner and his sins are absolved. I anoint a dying soul and he receives the graces needed to meet his make in peace. I pour water on someone’s head and he is made a new creation. It Is not my power, but “He who lives within me”. A priest is another Christ, an altar Christus. Everything the priest does as priest, Christ does through him.

I am a priest! I am no better than you. I am a sinner like you. My flesh suffers the same pains and my bones break like yours. But I am a priest!

I am a priest for you! I cannot absolve my own sins, nor can I give myself anointing, but I can give them to you. I offer Holy Mass for the salvation of the world. I go to the altar of God on behalf of man. With Christ, I ascend to Calvary in a mystical union and I offer the Lamb of God to the Father for you.

I am a priest!

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  1. Father Jay, this is beautiful, thank you! You are the hands and feet of Christ. Thank you for all that you do for us. You are prayed for and appreciated!

    God bless

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