Long Awaited Day – Canonization of Bro. André

The day of Brother André’s canonization has finally arrived. On Sunday, Pope Benedict XVI will formally canonize the humble Brother of Montreal.  For a humble, uneducated man, Brother André had deep effect on everyone he met.  When his pastor saw his great devotion and took him to the Congregation of the Holy Cross, he left a not for the superior, “I’m sending you a saint.”  At such a young age, Alfred Bessette had already taken up his cross to follow the Lord.  By eleven years old, Alfred already lost both of his parents.  When he was twenty, he emigrated to the United States for work.  He lived, worked and visited many places in the New England Area.  For a time, Alfred lived and worked in both Fall River. MA and Woonsocket, RI.  Later, as a professed Religious he would return to visit family and friends.  Brother André even visited my home parish, home of the first shrine to St. Theresa in the world, on at least two occasions.

Check out this great new site about Brother André.

St. Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal founded by Brother André.

One thought on “Long Awaited Day – Canonization of Bro. André

  1. Hi Fr Jay,

    LOVE the podcast! Thankyou for your faithful witness to the beauty and truth of our faith 🙂

    Did you know (you probably did) that alongside Br Andre, 5 other people were cannonised, including Australia’s very first saint? Her name was Mary MacKillop (now St Mary of the Cross) and you can read about her here (fancy shmancy flash thingy, less info) http://www.marymackillop.org.au/marys-story/beginnings.cfm?loadref=2 or here (which has the wikipedia glow about it 🙂 ) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_MacKillop

    I hope you find her story interesting.

    God bless you!

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