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Why is it that if someone says something about Muslims or Muhammad the press goes insane and everyone needs to apologize?  Hear me loud and clear, I am not advocating insulting Muslims or Jews or anyone!  My only question is, why does the media give people a pass to attack Christians and Jesus?  Why can someone insult my Lord Jesus Christ and everyone think it alright?  It’s time for the media to drop the double standard!

This video clip gives a classic example of hate speech against Christians and our Lord Jesus Christ.  In an acceptance speech at the Emmys, Kathy Griffin make it clear the “Jesus” has nothing with her receiving the award and that her “award” is her “god”, not Jesus.

Kathy Griffin has a problem with people thanking Jesus for the success in their lives.  Of course Jesus is not concerned with us winning awards, but we can be sure that He has given people some pretty spectacular talents that help them achieve these awards.  Actors and actresses, singers and people in all forms of entertainment have always given thanks to God for their natural gifts

What a sad commentary of our time!

If you have any kids in the room, put on some headphones to watch this video!


3 thoughts on “Christian whipping post

  1. I remember watching this live, maybe 2 or 3 years ago. It was disgusting for her to use Our Lord’s name for her publicity stunt! Some people go to any extent for 15 seconds of fame. What saddened me then, was the applause she received for her statement. Later, I felt glad when she was chucked out of Hannah Montana for blaspheming. She says somewhere that ‘she’s a Catholic with a sense of humor’… but maybe she is still the ‘militant atheist’ she use to be in high school. Let God be her judge!!!

  2. My only question is, why does the media give people a pass to attack Christians and Jesus?

    Because they know we are Christians and they expect us to act like Christians and they would be correct; their expectations and God’s, of course, should include prayer.

  3. I have noticed this as well. Here in the UK the press coverage before the Pope arrived was little short of villification. In the run up to his arrival the press reported very negatively on him, especially on the cost to the public purse. When he spoke about social causes, peole were very surprised — they had up until then believed the media hype against him. The Pope’s own words silenced his critics to a large extent.

    The media in the UK is especially negative.

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