Total Reality

This weeks news was yesterdays movie.  Have you ever seen “Total Recall” staring  Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The movie released in 1990 is set in 2084.  Douglas Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a mild-mannered construction worker on Earth who dreams of exploring the human colonies of Mars.

In one scene, Quaid is running through a security check point.  Twenty years ago we would never have imagined human scanners.  But low and behold, the future is now!


Many people are upset about the human scanners, for reasons of privacy and health concerns.  What will they do next to “protect” us from the “terrorists”?  Will yesterday’s fantasy be tomorrow’s lead news story?  It may not be a big red orb.


Don’t be fooled by the size of the big red orb.  When my dog was chipped, it was so small, it went in through small painless injection.  We have no choice with the human scanners.  Who knows, maybe they’ll do it all without our knowing through a pandemic prevention injection!