iPadre #216 – Sacred Music

iPadre #216 – Sacred Music

There is so much division among priests, laity and even Bishops on what music is appropriate for the Liturgy.  What does the Church say about music in the Liturgy?  In this episode I have an expert joining us and were going to talk about sacred music.

– Music: Tantum Ergo by Schola Cantorum Sanctae Caecilae
Concert at Holy Ghost on May 21, 2010 – forward to 4:00 minutes
A Chronicle of Reform by Msgr. Richard J. Schuler
Musica Sacra – Church Music Association of America
Chant Cafe – Catholic musicians gathered to blog about liturgy and life

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2 thoughts on “iPadre #216 – Sacred Music

  1. Dear Fr. Jay,
    Just came across your blog, etc. A man after my own heart, right down to the trains… I just like to ride… I’m afraid my skills end with hammer and nails.
    I know you have four thousand Facebook friends. While I enjoy that medium, I trust that our priestly brotherhood in committed prayer for each other would be more valuable in the long term. I am also a biritual priest with the Byzantine Archeparchy in Pittsburg… since 1970. My duties at the Cathedral limit my outside involvement. My best to Bishop Tobin if you see him.
    Hope we can stay in touch. Peace to you! Msgr. Bill Biebel, Erie

  2. Interesting. I wonder how the new translation will really affect Catholic music. The last time I remember any propers being sung in mass was pre VII, and then only in High Mass. The Low Mass had the typical 4 hymns. Entrance, Offertory, Communion, and Closing – from the St. Basil and St. Gregory Hymnal. Perhaps this is the “American Norm” now, and will really be hard to change. I often watch the Latin Novus Ordo on EWTN, but unless the schola is there, they also sing hymns. The offertory and communion meditation is now usually and organ meditation. I have read the new translation of the Mass. I really think that many priests will do what they have been doing for a long while and just “adapt” it to their idea of what should be said. I don’t agree, but many times I have been praying along with the ordinary and stopped suddenly to wonder what the heck the priest is saying. They add and leave out and change at will. I do hope the attention being given, as well as the rare amount of catechesis in the the new translation will portend good things for the future.

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