Fr. Pfleger threatens to abandon the Catholic Church

Here is and article from the Chicago Tribune.  We have all heard of Fr. Pfleger before and will hear of him again.  In a Youtube video, he clearly spews heresy about ordaining woman as priests and bishops, married priests and woman Cardinals all within a Sunday homily at St. Sabina’s in Chicago.  The illustrious Thomas Peters writes about Fr. Pfleger here.

“The embattled (At war with who?  Christ, the Church!) pastor of St. Sabina Roman Catholic Church told radio show hosts Tavis Smiley and Cornel West this weekend that he would look outside the Catholic Church (A heretic will now become an apostate) if offered no other choice but to work at a Catholic high school. (Yes, there is a choice.  Live up to the promises made at ordination. “Respect and obey”)

The Rev. Michael Pfleger also said on the “Smiley & West” public radio program that he had been banned (Thanks be to God) from speaking at events in the archdiocese and blamed pressure from conservative (A better word would be “Faithful”) Catholics and the National Rifle Association for his most recent clash with Chicago’s Cardinal Francis George.

“I want to try to stay in the Catholic Church,” (It’s not that difficult, just say: “I may not agree with Your Eminence, but I will obey, for you are God’s voice in my life!”) Pfleger said. “If they say ‘You either take this principalship of [Leo High School] or pastorship there or leave,’ then I’ll have to look outside the church. I believe my calling is to be a pastor. (Your calling was affirmed by Holy Mother Church, and you remain a pastor as long as you are are in good standing with Her) I believe my calling is to be a voice for justice. (A priest’s calling is to be holy and this is achieved through obedience) I believe my calling is to preach the Gospel. In or out of the church, I’m going to continue to do that.”

In an interview with the Tribune, Pfleger clarified that he feels called to preach and push for social justice in a Catholic context. (The Church is the greatest proponent of justice!) He said he loves the Catholic Church and prefers to stay there. But going to Leo full-time would not happen, Pfleger said.

“I’ve always said I could not do something that I don’t feel (Feelings, feelings, feelings) called or equipped to do,” he told the Tribune. “A full-time position at Leo is not something I’m equipped to do. (We are all equipped to do anything under obedience) I think Leo has made it clear they don’t see any need for me to come there. For both sides, it would be a lose-lose.””

Very sad!  Pray that Fr. Pfleger!

Read the whole article here.

6 thoughts on “Fr. Pfleger threatens to abandon the Catholic Church

    • I warned Cardinal George this would happen a few years ago! The Cardinal let Pfleger walk all over him for years. Pfleger did the black community wrong by creating a “style” of mass, as he calls it, that only exists because he is the only one there. What happens when he retires or dies? Then there in for a culture shock! What he calls mass is far from the real thing or Vatican approved!

  1. Met him once. He is a very gifted orator. He can lead many to Christ and the Catholic Church if he uses his gifts to do the Will of God. I hope he awakens to your comment and those of all good priests!
    God bless your efforts Fr. Jay. Catholics, me include, are drawn to priests like you! (And there are many)

    Bob D’Aurelio
    The Paul’s Men Podcast

  2. Thank you Fr, Jay for your fidelity to God and His Chruch. May God have mercy on us all.
    Keep up your excellent work, you are in my family’s prayers.Thank you for being a Priest forever.

  3. Fr. Pfleger is a man of God and serves God by serving man. The poorest and disenfranchised of the human family. He is not heretical at all in his ministry. He is at war. Fr. Pfleger is at war against injustice, bigotry, poverty and evil in all it’s forms on Earth. The same things Jesus Christ was against. The same things that the body of Christ; the Church pronounces it is against. Being a former seminarian and a “reclaimed” Catholic, I have witnessed some members of the clergy who are not as committed and dedicated to matters affecting the poor and disenfranchised (to a large degree Fr. Pfleger brought me back to the church I was raised in). I have also witnessed the “politics” of the church. There are priests who “preach” with no action behind their words. Fr. Pfleger takes action in deeds and words. Politics has no place in the Church and once the Church understands that it will do a better job living in action the challenge given to it by Jesus Christ. The Church and all people,especially in the city of Chicago is best served keping Fr. Pfleger in place at St. Sabina. Tuus in Christi caritate!

    • I would never say that Father does not faithfully serve the poorest of the poor, but something is wrong when any priest is disobedient and preaches heresy. We faithfully serve Christ when we are obedient!

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