iPadre #225 – A walk through the new translation – Part 1

We continue with our series on the new translation of the Roman Missal.  In this episode, we begin to go through some of the actual changes.  Today, we will look at the parts of the people.  We also answer some questions that come to us through feedback: “Catholics Come Home” ads, who can receive the Sacrament of the Sick?, and more.

– Music: “Mercy Once Again” by Recent Rainfall
– Liturgiam authenticam by CDW

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One thought on “iPadre #225 – A walk through the new translation – Part 1

  1. Hey Father how ya’ doin’? Hope all is well. Thanks for mentioning my comment in the podcast. No biggie, but the pronunciation of the city is CAM-PEE-NAS. (BTW I am a Cuban-American, when I first moved to Brazil I would mess up names of places all the time). I was curious if you could talk about the “politics” of being in the clergy, especially the ambition aspect and getting promoted, those interested in being bishops, cardinals, maybe even pope. How does one balance ambition with humility? What do those “with ambition” need to do to move up? I imagine at the end of the day, being a priest may be like working in any other field, where there are power struggles and the like. Anyone who has attended the same church long enough can recall stories of a new priest coming in to run a parish and then all sorts of changes take place, priests get reshuffled, etc. I hate to think this stuff goes on, but the fact is it does. I remember as a child when the favorite Monsignor retired and the new one came in, he got rid of the Sisters of St. Joseph that ran our school. The whole roster of priests got reassigned and new ones came in. Many were upset and disappointed with the changes. I figure this has to do with “church politics”. Can you talk about this a bit. Thanks.

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