I’ve been tagged!

I’ve been tagged with a Lenten meme by Sean McGaughey at Catholic Roundup.

The rules:

Those tagged will share 5 things they “love” about Jesus/ Or why they love Jesus Those tagged will tag 5 other bloggers. Those tagged will provide a link in the comments section here with their name so that others can read them.

  1. The Most Blessed Sacrament – Jesus is always waiting in the tabernacle.
  2. The Sacrament of Penance – He’s always ready to forgive, no questions asked.
  3. He called me by name – I am a priest!
  4. He never lies – everything He gives us in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition is infallible truth.
  5. I’m going to be with Him forever in “the Father’s house”!

Now I’m  supposed to tag 5 bloggers and spread this meme.

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