It didn’t happen!

Today, I was looking forward to a big day, something unprecedented in the news, you know, something that reads like this: “He’s Back – Jesus Returns”.  All kidding aside, I really didn’t think anything of it.  If you do a Google for dates the world is going to end, you’ll have enough to fill a pretty large dumpster.  If they keep guessing, someone is bound to hit the jackpot eventually.

It didn’t happen, or did it?  Although the world did not end and the final judgement hit the world as that misinformed dude over at Family Radio predicted, again.  But the reality is, the world has ended for some people and for these very same people Jesus has returned.  All of us know someone, either a close relative or friend, or some very distant acquaintance that we don’t really know at all met the Lord today.  Pick up the newspaper, or do an online search over at the professional obit people, and I can guarantee a large number of people saw Jesus Christ face to face and receive an immediate and particular judgment.  Every one of those people are either in “the blessed news of heaven-through a purification or immediately, –or immediate and everlasting damnation” (CCC 1022).

The stark reality is this: if Jesus comes today or in 10,000 years doesn’t matter at all.  What matters now is, are you ready if He comes for you today.  Most likely you will not hear a major commotion and blowing of trumpets and angels flying all of the place, you will close your eyes and immediately be in the presence of God and you destiny is sealed for all eternity.

So let me be a straight shooter.  If your living in sin, go to confession and get your life right before God.  If your living a good life, live a better life and if your living a very saintly life, your probably deluded and had better not think your doing so well.  “Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand”, although we don’t know when each one of us will personally experience.  Just be ready, because Jesus Christ is coming for you and there is nothing that’s going to stop Him when your number is up!

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  1. Numerous folks say there’ll be a bump in births in nine months. I wonder if there was a bump in Mass attendance.


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