The Greatest Miracle

Recently, I had the opportunity to review a new animated Catholic movie, The Greatest Miracle.  My experience of the movie was mixed.  First, I must admit that I am not really into animated movies, so when I see one, I’m very critical of the animation itself.  Living in a time of Pixar and Disney animations has given most people a higher level of expectation when they hear the word animation.  On the side of animation, I was a bit disappointed.  Yet, I’m sure Dos Corazones Films did not have the same budget of Pixar, so I can look beyond that issue.

On the other hand, the story itself was really great.  The story revolves around the lives of three people who are going through difficulties.  Through the help of their guardian angels they discover the great power and help offered through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  There is also a great scene that shows the spiritual battle people face when the Lord is calling them to reconciliation.   This film can be a source of catechesis for the young and inspiration for the not so young.  A great film that the whole family can enjoy together and help keep focus during the seasons of Advent and Christmas.

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