The Rocky Mountain Express

Rocky Mountain Express film is totally awesome.  The film takes you on a magical journey with the Canadian Pacific Railway’s #2816 over the Canadian Rockies.  Not only do you get great shots of 2816, but the scenery across Canada is breath taking.  The route is Canada’s first transcontinental railways.  This film is a must-see for all railroad enthusiasts and everyone who wants to experience the beauty and majesty of God’s creation.

Find a local theater at the official website.


2 thoughts on “The Rocky Mountain Express

  1. Hello Father,
    Welcome back!
    The film looks interesting. But, I guess it will be a while before it’s schedule for Providence – if at all.

  2. You may also want to check out @RADickey43 at Twitter and his blog in the NY Times He (a pitcher with the Mets) is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro raising money for charity. Great photos, great blog, etc.

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