A new version of the Pater Noster?

Don’t we all get a lift when we pray the Pater Noster?  We’ll here is another way to get a lift with the Paternoster. Really, I’m not kidding.  It’ss an elevator in Dartford, England.  The lift was built in 1884.  I wonder if the builders were Catholic, or Anglecan, or they just like the name – Pater Noster.


2 thoughts on “A new version of the Pater Noster?

  1. That’s cool – so it’s continually moving and you just hop on and off? Maybe that explains the name “Paternoster”. I know I’d be praying really fervently not to bump my noggin when trying to get on or off that elevator!

    • Praying not to hit your head… LOL
      That is one bizarre lift. I’d opt to take the stairs. 🙂

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