The Audacity of Obama

There is a great article on Forbes by Charles Kadlec: “The Audacity of Power: President Obama Vs. The Catholic Church”

My highlights are in BOLD and comments in RED

I’ll highlight a few points, but be sure to read the whole article.

Before our very eyes, President Obama is on the verge of establishing the principle that the right to religious freedom comes not from our Creator, but from those who rule us. (Can you imagine the arrogance of anyone to place themselves above God. We all know that many people live as if there was no God, but to put yourself in HIS place…) A government endowed right granted to women now trumps our unalienable right to act in accordance with our religious beliefs and conscience. Not only does this overturn the First Amendment, it also tramples the nation’s founding principles (Obama places himself above our founding fathers!  Remember, his hero is Saul Alinsky) as announced in the Declaration of Independence. Such an achievement would be the true audacity of power.


The fundamental question is whether the Catholic Church, and by extension, individual Americans have to engage in activities according to the rulings of this and future Presidents, or are we free to live our lives as we choose as long as we do not harm another. (Read that again!  Do you get that!) Are we free to engage in long standing religious practices that have never before been deemed unlawful, or has the federal government established a de facto state “religion” (Obama worship, the new Emperor) that it is prepared to enforce through the full coercive power of its financial resources and the imposition of financial penalties.

If the Catholic Church and the American people choose the face saving “Option A” instead of “Option C,” then President Obama will have transformed America. We may be allowed the illusion of exercising our freedom, but in truth, we will be subjects in ObamaLand, required to do the bidding of this and future Presidents in the name of some higher, collective good.

However, the Catholic Church can turn the tables on the President by taking Option A off the table with a humble statement of principal that in the matters of religious practices and conscience, there is a higher authority than government Who it chooses to obey. If President Obama prevails and unleashes the full force of the federal government against the Church, the cost will be the closing of Catholic schools, hospitals and the loss of social services that play a vital part in communities across the nation. Such a stand would make clear to the American people that the alternative to religious freedom would be a mortal wound to our civil liberties and a complete disruption of civil society.

We still have the power to end this nonsense, but we must band together!  You Catholics in the pews and all people of good will cannot depend on the Bishops doing this alone!  And, we can be sure that even if Obama makes a complete 360, we can never trust him again.  He has lied and, according to his hero Alinsky, must do anything to achieve his goal. You can see a summary of Alinsky’s rules here.

Go read the whole article here.

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  1. Thanks Father Jay, you nailed it. I will probably read this on my next podcast in two weeks. I will give you credit for it as well as the author of the article. Thanks again!

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