He who is not for me is against me!


An article in the SEattle Times relates how the Bishop, Most rev. J. Peter Sartain, has written the faithful and Priests of his diocese requesting that every parish have petitions in support of  Referendum 74 in hope of repealing Washington’s same-sex marriage law. Pastors of three prominent parishes, including the cathedral have refused.  The battle lines are being drawn!

Priests at a number of Roman Catholic parishes in the area have said no [Someone else said no to God, in a defiant act of disobedience.  We call this pride! When the Bishop has a request, we respond as good and faithful Priests!] to the gathering of signatures for Referendum 74 at their churches — putting them at oddswith their archbishop on a statewide ballot measure seeking repeal of Washington’s same-sex marriage law.

The majority of parishes in Western Washington are expected to make the petitions available — some as soon as this Sunday, following Mass, according to a spokesman for the Archdiocese of Seattle. [Afraid to make waves and having the gall to say they refuse because they don’t want to hurt people.  People will hurtin hell if we fail to do our job!]

But pastors of at least three prominent Catholic churches in Seattle — St. Mary’s Church, St. Joseph Parish and St. James Cathedral — have notified members that the petitions will not be made available there.

God bless Bishop Sartain for his efforts.  These priests need to be removed, and put in a ministry where they won’t harm the souls of the people!

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