The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

Yesterday, the Vatican came out with the long awaited assessment of the state of Women Religious in the United States.  Throughout the investigation, there were Religious Women shouting out cries of unjust harassment by the Vatican.  They played the card of the poor, helpless Sisters being attacked by the big, bad, wolf in Rome.

Anyone of sound mind could have told you the outcome of this investigation, even before it started.  Those of us who attended seminary in the last 30 years could write volumes on the problems with women Religious here in the USA.  From outright attack on the Church, Her morals and dogmas, to those who have gone off to worship some false gods of their own making because they have not been admitted to Holy Orders.

I think of the Sister who was chaplain at my local Junior College that pushed ordination of women on everyone who entered her office.  During the weekly Masses, Sister would read the Gospel, while the priest sat there twiddling his thumbs.  That Sister just plain hated anyone who loved the Catholic Church.

Yet, on the other hand, we must not forget those good Religious Women who have been faithful through these tumultous years.  Just like the men who suffered persecution in the seminaries for actually loving the Catholic Church, so many of these good Sisters were ostracized because they refused to remove their habits.  The “leadership teams”, since they no longer have Religious Superiors, constantly pummeled the women who remained faithful and true to their formed Catholic conscience.

Now, these “leadership teams” finally have to face the music for the damage they have done and the scandal they have caused for so many years.  Although, even if there were no repercussions to the Vatican investigation, we have no need to worry, the contraceptive attitude of the “bad and the ugly” is a self fulling prophecy.  Who, in their right mind would join a Religious Congregation that despises the original charism for which they were founded and the Church in whose service they have been consecrated.

Here is to the good Religious Sisters and Nuns who have put up with the nonsense for the past fifty years!  We love you!  You are the women who helped build the Church in our nation, you taught our children, cared for our altars, nursed the sick and shut-inns.  You inspired thousands of boys and girls to embrace vocations to serve Holy Mother Church.  You faithful Sisters, are the ones who inspired many a Catholic and non-Catholic alike by your beautiful life and your outward witness.  God bless all the good and faithful Sisters!

4 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

  1. Dear Father,
    I respectfully beg to differ. Some of the women religious in the LCWR have done tremendous work for the poor, the homeless, and the physcially and mentally disabled. Please do not forget that.

  2. It is really a shame. There’s always going to be good, bad and ugly, especially in an institution as large as the Catholic Church. This issues will always happen. I may say that none of us are perfect and even the Vatican makes mistakes. I say to those who disagree with our church that I respect their opinion, but they should look deeper into the reasons why things are the way they are. For those who are in error we pray!

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