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The 5th Catholic New Media Conference will be held in Dallas/Fort Worth, at the Arlington Convention Center.  The dates for the conference are August 29-31, 2012.

Unable to attend the CNMC but would still like to get all the great information?

CNMC Virtual Ticket
Use promo code “IPADRE”

The Virtual Ticket is your way to get access to our world-class speakers without booking a trip, without requiring you to commit a huge block of time, and without spending much money at all.

The CNMC Virtual Ticket will give you access to the audio recordings of all the sessions that will be held over the three days of the conference, plus exclusive bonus interviews with many of the speakers and attendees.

This years speakers include:

Keynote Speakers

  • Jennifer Fulwiler
  • Elizabeth Scalia
  • Cliff Ravenscraft

Other Speakers

  • Bishop Christopher Coyne
  • Fr. Roderick Vonhogen
  • Brandon Vogt
  • Patrick Padley

Speakers for the International Bloggers Summit

  •  Julie Davis
  • Dorian Speed
  • Sarah Reinhard
  • Patrick Carney
  • John Linder
  • Dr. Jim Coyle
  • Lisa Jones
  • Shelly Kelly
  • Lisa & Joel Schmidt

Speakers for the CNMC Tech Summit

  • Matthew Warner
  • Jeff Geerling

How does it work?  Anyone who uses my special promo codeIPADRE”  for a Virtual Ticket or 3-day CNMC registration will get a link to download the Catholic New Media Master Class recordings.

The price is $120.

Use promo code “IPADRE”



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