Oh my, there’s a hair in my food!

Have you ever found a hair in your food in the middle of eating a good meal?  It’s the kind of thing that can destroy your appetite.  We probably eat much more than a hair, here and there.  The way food is mass produced, there is a good chance we ingest a number of things, even with laws and oversight.

Yesterday, a parishioner of mine told me that most commercially made breads have human hair in them.  It’s actually not hair, but a bi-product of human hair called L-cysteine.  All you have to do is a search on L-cysteine and you’ll find it all.

One article I read on L-cysteine stated that it was made mostly from hair clippings in Chinese barber shops, all the rest comes from bird feathers.  Yuck!

So next time you find a hair in your plate, will it really matter!

2 thoughts on “Oh my, there’s a hair in my food!

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  2. Hi, Fr. Finelli!
    You may not have heard of this but I learned a few years ago that the US FDA has what they call a “Food Defect Action Level” that essentially informs people/manufacturers/distributors as to the maximum passable level of unavoidable food defects for human use. These contaminants/defects include insect parts, molds, mammalian excreta, rodent filth, harvest damage and many others…

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