“For Greater Glory” DVD & Blue Ray

The beautiful film on the story of the Cristeros, For Greater Glory is a must see fil for every believer Catholic, Protestant, Jew or Muslim. The story shows the great tragedy of flowing from the anti-Catholic provisions of 1917 added to the Mexican constitutions. So why do I say this is a must for all believers? Because if today the government attacks any one of us, tomorrow, they will attack those who remain. The is a story of belief, in-belief, courage, hope and heroism. The tue story of men, women and children who had a heroism that can inspire us all. Although we have no bloody persecution, we can all be inspired to persevere in the faith. The Cristeros suffered a bloody martyrdom, we suffer a white martyrdom. May their example give us the courage we need, not to die for our beloved faith, but to live for it!

For Greater Glory was released on DVD & Blue Ray on September 11th. You can find it onlne and in many local retailers.

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