The priest is not his own, nor is the Mass!

From Catholic World News:

The Vatican has confirmed (The Bishop was correct in his decision to protect and safeguard the Mass. That’s his job you know.)  the decision by Bishop Edward Braxton of Belleville, Illinois, to remove a priest from active ministry because he refused (Disobedience is the same sin as the original sin and every other sin.) to follow the Church’s liturgical guidelines. (It’s really easy, I don’t have to create my own Mass every day. All I have to do is, Do the red, say the black!)

Acting on an appeal by Father William Rowe, who had readily acknowledged that he would habitually compose his own prayers for the Eucharistic liturgy, the Congregation for Clergy said that Bishop Braxton had not followed proper procedure in suspending the priest. But the Vatican decision upheld the bishop’s decision to remove Father Rowe’s faculties to administer the sacraments. (To have your faculties removed, it must be a serious offense.)

Father Rowe can apply to have his priestly faculties reinstated, either in Belleville or in another diocese, the Vatican said. But the ruling, signed by Cardinal Mauro Piacenzo, specifies that “this can only come about when you shall have acknowledged your error and formally promise to dispose yourself to adhere to the rites and rubrics of the sacred liturgy set down by the lawful ecclesiastical authorities.” (The priests who change the Mass always shout out “Vatican II”, well, this is what Vatican II has to say: “Therefore, absolutely no other person, not even a priest, may add, remove, or change anything in the liturgy on his own authority” (SC, no. 22)

Do I hear and Amen! How many years and how many people have suffered with priests doing their own thing at Mass. The Mass belongs to the Church, we are it’s custodians. It is not ours to change, but to faithfully transmit.