Goodbye OCP

I’ve waited for this day for a long time! Last year we received the new and corrected translation of the Roman Missal. This year, we have our brand spanking new Vatican II Hymnals. Special thanks goes out to Jeff Ostrowski and the team at Corpus Christi Watershed for providing such a beautiful hymnal. Below, I have included a few inspirational pictures and I was moved to put together a little song. Enjoy!

A little something for the recycle bin!

A closer view of “Today’s Missal” and “Music Issue”. So long, farewell. You’ll make some good dish towels.

Pews filled with Vatican II Hymnals and pew cards.

Now for a special rendition of “Goodbye OCP”.

(To the tune of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road)

When are you gonna come around
When are you going to learn
That music does so much harm
It’s so centered around man

I’m tired of Here I Am Lord
So tired of Eagle’s Wings
It’s been too long that we’ve watered down tradition
We’re poised to change we’re no longer amused.


So goodbye OCP
I’m tired of 73’
Tired of dueling banjo’s
Going back to tradition

Back to sacred hymns and chant
polyphony, sacred songs
Oh I’ve finally set my sights upon
tradition, creed and code

Great new artists picked up the pen
Hipsters have called them all lame
It’ll take us some time to get rid of these comics
To set Church on Pope’s road again

Now we have our replacement
There’s many new books in town
Musicians who ain’t got a penny
Providing the Church with most beautiful sound

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  2. Congratulations on finally getting rid of the Muzak Issue, Father. You definitely made the right move there. By the way, was that your “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” spoof? I like it. I hereby request your permission to share it.

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