Review of the movie “Flight”

flightBefore the Blizzard, I decided to download a few movies to my iPad in case the power went out. I began watching it last night, and finished it this evening after the power came back on.

Overall, the movie is great! It begins with a crisis, not the one everyone thinks of and ends with a very positive message. My main objection to the movie was the nudity in the opening scene. There was no need at all for any nudity in this film. If they wanted to give the impression that Captain Whitaker was having an affair, it could have been done with less suggestive ways.

The drinking and drug use throughout the movie really made the point of Whip’s problem. He is an drug and alcohol addict and afraid to admit it.

I liked how it tied in his Nicole’s addictions and her fight to overcome them, while Whip continues to deny them.

The closing investigation scene is very intense. The moment of truth for Whip, when he finally decides to face his demons head on. Which brings us to the final scene of his testimony of how he managed to mess up his whole life and that of many other people. The movie leaves a very positive message. No matter what your struggles, sins, addictions, they can be overcome, but first, you have to admit them.

Not recommended for kids. It has nudity in the beginning, drug & alcohol abuse throughout and a lot of foul language.


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