The date of the Conclave

It will happen as I thought from my reading of  UNIVERSI DOMINICI GREGIS. You can see the regulations for the period from the beginning of the Sede vacante (the absence of a Pope either through death or abdication), until the public announcement of the new Pope and his inauguration.

From the Vatican Information Service.

“Finally, the director of the Holy See Press Office recalled that when the period of Sede vacante begins, the congregations of cardinals to prepare for the conclave also begin. The congregations have a number of juridical requirements to meet along with serving to exchange viewpoints regarding the problems to be addressed, the situation of the Church, etc., so that each of the members of the College of Cardinals might develop his criteria regarding the election of the new Pope. For this reason, the regulations provide that the beginning of the conclave be established between 15 and 20 days from the beginning of the Sede vacante. “If everything goes normally, it could be envisioned,” Fr. Lombardi said, “that the conclave begins between 15 and 19 March. At the moment, we cannot give an exact date because it falls to the cardinals to determine it.””

Folks, this is moving so fast. We are witnessing history and should take time to let it sink in through prayerful reflection!

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