“‘Twas the Night Before #Conclave” – on Twitter (with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore)

Here is a great poem, written by my good friend, Dr. Paul Camarata. Paul is host of the SaintCast Podcast. Posted with permission of the author. In an eMail, Paul wrote: “Put this together & just posted to Twitter after my cable Internet just went down. What Would I do without my phone…”

‘Twas the night before conclave & throughout all the nations,
The faithful await with such great expectations… #Conclave

The stoves were attached to the chimney with care,
In hopes that white smoke would soon waft through the air #Conclave

The cardinals were all settled, the last Congregation
Completed that morning, silent for the duration. #Conclave

And the men in their cassocks and biretta caps
Retired for the day, 7 days did elapse #Conclave

The vaticanisti all over the news,
Were silenced as well, so much stuff to peruse. #Conclave

When out on the Piazza there arose such a clatter,
Ragazzi and Ragazze wondered what was the matter. #Conclave

While journalists dined, quenched their thirst by the gallon,
“There goes, Cardinal Dolan,” quipped reporter John Allen. #Conclave

He was dressed all in black with the same Roman Collar,
That one sees here on many a clerical scholar. #Conclave

His droll little mouth was drawn up on the ends,
With the joy of the Lord, and the Love that transcends. #Conclave

“On Scola, on Erdo, on Turkson, O’Malley,”
“Got a big day ahead, can’t be late to the tally!” #Conclave

So off they all walked to their beds far afield,
For tomorrow the doors of Sistine will be sealed. #Conclave

While the world rapt in prayer and in jubilant hope,
Awaits their decision on the new Roman pope. The End #Conclave