Devastation in Lourdes

Lourdes Grotto covered in mud

Lourdes Grotto covered in mud

After the recent flooding in Lourdes, the Shrine is looking to Pope Francis to help them overcome the tragedy. It is reported that there is two million euros in damage in Lourdes alone, and three deaths have been attributed to the flooding.  The communications director for the shrine has reported that they will not be able to open for weeks. The famous baths were flooded and near destroyed. The grotto  is filled with mud and muck. A video in Youtube, although in French, shows the devastation. Cleanup crews are removing trees and branches that were pushed by the water into the shrine. One frame in the video shows a bridge covered with tree branches. Another shows a mass of a metal frame, unrecognizable for what it once was. the mayor of Lourdes claims that out of 220 hotels, 60 were damaged.” You can red more on the telegraph. You can also visit the official shrine website for more information and updates. These kind of events are unprecedented. The shrine is host to millions of pilgrims every year.

The central message of Our Lady’s apparition at Lourdes are simple: prayer, suffering, penance, conversion and purification. The world and especially the Church is not living this message.What will it take for us to respond to Our Lady’s messages?  God is shaking the world. Are you listening!

Pictures of the shrine’s devistation.

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