Do you have the courage of this Valedictorian?

A high school Valedictorian arrived at the podium, ripped up his approved speech and did his own thing. He began by talking of his good Christian upbringing and then went on to recite the Lord’s Prayer. With that he received an ovation from the gathered crowd. I did notice that not one of the faculty on the stage had the courage to join in the ovation. If they though he did right, why didn’t they have the same courage he displayed? That is the problem with today’s world, most believes don’t have the courage to take a stand like this young man who went against the secular humanist grain. God bless him for his courage! That is what we mean by the gifts of the Holy Spirt, but we need to correspond to the grace, just as dis the Valedictorian.

2 thoughts on “Do you have the courage of this Valedictorian?

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  2. “Well done, young man. Well done my faithful servant.” This is my guess of what heaven had to say about this event. This shows hope in our younger generation. We all could take a lesson away from that. May God bless him ten fold for his brave action.

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