Health update #6 and information about C. diff

I gave you an update to my health saga a little over a week ago and people are asking what’s going on.

Things are progressing well. I feel good and most of the swelling is gone. On Thursday, I had an appointment with my doctor. He was pleased to see how things are going. I was given a few prescriptions to solve some side effects of the UTI. There were a few questions that I had for the doctor. Since the C. diff came on, my diet was limited severely – no dairy products, except for butter (that was a surprise to me too), many vegetables are a no, no. So basically, I’ve been eating a lot of chicken, steak, potatoes, soup and pasta with butter. I was also told to eat a lot of yogurt. I don’t care for yogurt, so I’ve been eating a little and taking probiotics. They have been helping a lot.

My other question is when I can return to the church. I have never been away from the parish for so long since I was ordained. This makes five weekends away. The doc told me that as soon as I begin eating normal again. And I can begin eating normal, a week after I am off the antibiotics. Thank God, I can return on Wednesday. The Lord has perfect timing. We are celebrating our 100th Anniversary on June 30th. Actually, I had another question. Do I have to worry about this C. diff returning. He said no. It was a reaction to one or a mixture of the antibiotics. So if I go into an emergency room, I have to let them know that I had C. diff (Clostridium difficile).

Thank you all for your many prayers and greetings! I know that my recovery has been so smooth and rapid as a direct result of all of the prayers of so many of my family and friends.

Now a word to the wise. Take some time to learn about C. diff. If you have to have any surgical procedure, prepare with daily probiotic supplements (check it all out with your doctor). Lear how to wash your hands properly in a hospital situation, all of these antibacterial hand sanitizers do not work! Be informed and save your life or that of a loved one.

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  2. Padre,

    I contracted C diff after antibiotic therapy for a post op surgical infection. I was losing 1.5 to 2 lbs per day, and in the words of the old joke, I was afraid I was going to die, and afraid I wasn’t going to.

    Thanks for bringing this to your readership’s attention.

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