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Prior to Vatican II, Convents and Religious Houses were overflowing in the United States. Religious Sisters and Nuns were a common part of the life of most lay faithful and even non-Catholics intermingled with them in some way. However, following the Council, Religious Life, especially among women, is almost completely decimated. The huge Convents and Religious Houses have been turned into condominiums and many of them torn down. Most institutes are lucky to have a woman inquire into their life on rare and infrequent basis.

However, there is good news! A small number of these orders and newly founded orders are thriving. One of these such communities is The Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia, or the Nashville Dominicans as they are commonly known.

The newly released DVD, “BELOVED The Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia” gives an insiders view into the life of the Nashville Dominicans. This order is one of, if not, the fastest growing groups of Women Religious in the United States Today.

The DVD takes a look at the life of the Sisters from their initial visit, thru the profession of Solemn Vows. Along with the many young Sisters, there are beautiful Sisters in the DVD who have been faithful and seasoned Religious for many years.

The Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia, founded over 150 years ago, have survived the tragic destruction of so many other beautiful groups of women Religious. The wisdom of the Superiors through turbulent times is a point that comes through loud and clear. This group of Sisters is young, healthy, balanced and on fire with the love for Christ and His Church.

Get an insiders view, and see Religious Life as it should be in every corner of the Church.

Get this DVD from Ignatius.



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