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The Conjuring isn’t my kind of movie, and I really did not want to see it. In fact, someone asked me last night if I was going and I “no.” But my seminarian wanted to go, so we went this morning. One attraction of the movie for me was it’s location. No, not where it was filmed, but where it happened. When I found out where the incident took place in Harrisville, Rhode Island, my interest peaked. The real house, where all of this happened in the 70’s, is only a few miles from home. I don’t like movies with demons. Demonology is something that we shouldn’t play around with or become too curious about. But, since it was literally right in my back yard, I wanted to see.

The movie was well done. It wasn’t over sensationalized. The events seemed to be pretty sober. I had heard of the Warrens before. (The husband and wife that investigate demonic incidents). They are a good Catholic family. And, the film actually showed a balanced approach to demonology. Hollywood likes to take these stories and literally spin heads. There was an investigation with documentation and study of the psychological and religious life of the family. The Warrens met with a priest to discuss the findings, and the priest sought proper permissions to proceed with an exorcism.

From one website, it seems that the movie was based on the documentation of Ed & Lorraine Warren. Lorraine was an advisor in the production of the film. She also stated that most events portrayed in the movie, even the extraordinary events, are close to reality with a little embelishment.

After viewing the movie, I wanted to check out the house. It was the house I thought it was. I have passed by it on many occasions. I saw two other cars staking out the place. Another person in town told me that the current resident has a police officer keeping cars moving and people off the property.

Great movie for adults, but I wouldn’t recommend it for children. Also, this should be a warning to all. Stay clear of the occult. Don’t try to conjure the dead. Respect the devil – that means, keep your distance. Make a frequent Confession, go to Mass regularly, and devotion to the Virgin Mary. (I’m not saying that the Perrons practiced any form of the occult.) Just know your enemy, and keep your distance!

Update: Check out this site.

Conjuring house 1970's Conjuring house today

3 thoughts on “The Conjuring

  1. I have no intention of seeing this movie.. not my thing.
    I saw on twitter a sign going into one movie theater that a Priest would be on hand afterwards?!

  2. Thanks but I will be passing on the movie.
    Thank you for sharing the warning about the occult. Too many are ignorant of these very real enemies of HMC!

  3. There is a potential for confusion here, if those who see the movie are under the impression that, as Catholics, the Warrens’ approach to dealing with the diabolical is in keeping with that of the Catholic church. On the contrary, Mrs Warren, is a trance medium, a practice that is forbidden by the Church. She is also the keeper of an occult museum. You can’t fight fire with fire.

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