iPadre #307 – The Four Last Things

In this life we are frequently worried about temporal things. Today, we will talk about the Four Last Things, we have some feedback and another great Mary Moment with our friend Sarah Reinhard.

– “Perfect Love of God” by Charlie Catura courtesy musicalley.com
The Color of Altar Boy Cassocks by Fr. Z

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2 thoughts on “iPadre #307 – The Four Last Things

  1. Fr..we took our 11 year old Boxer to a homeopathic veg when he had the same condition your dog has..and she gave him herbs that stopped the growth and he had two more years of quality life..
    But that is not why I wrote, I just found you and thank you for what you do..please pray for the
    Militia of the Immaculata Mid West Conference on Sept 6-7
    This is a great way for Our Lady to BRing Souls to Her Son by gathering so many..

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