St. Bridget’s 7 Prayers – 12 years

Many people have heard of 15 prayers of St. Bridget that focus on the passion of Our Lord. The prayers are said every day for one year. There are a list of 21 promises for those who say the prayers every day for one year. I have done the prayers two times, once while I was in the seminary and again as a priest. Recently, I have read that in 1954, The Congregation of the Holy Office prohibited the publication of the promises since the promises have no merit to them. However, the prayers are a very beautiful meditation on the passion of Our Lord and any meditation on Our Lord’s passion can only do good. A short time ago, I also discovered another set of prayers of St. Bridget called the 7 prayers. The prayers are to be said every day for 12 years. At the end of the 12 years, one would have honored each of the 5,480 blows and wounds of Our Lord’s body.

The seven prayers also have promises. I have read that the prayers and promises were approved by Popes Clement XII and Innocent X, but I can’t verify that. Again, even if the promises are not valid, the prayers in themselves are very beautiful and if prayed with devotion and love can only enhance a persons love for Our Lord.

I was moved to start the prayers during Adoration almost two years ago, but avoided that inspiration, so I began them on the Feast of St. Laurence, deacon and martyr this year (August 10).

I have made a little booklet that can be placed in your favorite prayer book, Bible or breviery. You can download it here.

The promises:

1. The soul who prays them will suffer no Purgatory.

2. The soul who prays them will be accepted among the Martyrs as though he had spilled his blood for his faith.

3. The soul who prays them can choose three others whom Jesus will then keep in a state of grace sufficient to become holy.

4. No one in the four successive generations of the soul who prays them will be lost.

5. The soul who prays them will be made conscious of his death one month in advance.


St. Bridget’s 7 Prayers – 12 years — 36 Comments

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  2. I’d really like to know if the promises have approbation! They are pretty amazing promises if they are true! Please keep us posted if you do come across proof that the promises are “real” or not.

    • Who cares if the promises are authentic? Do we do things because we want some sort of payment? These are beautiful prayers for the entire world which is in such need in this decadent era. Have we no faith that we will be rewarded a thousand fold for our smallest gesture of love for the Lord? Do them for love of Him!

        • I understand that I shouldn’t do things for a repayment. However, the promises related to family conversion and release from purgatory is my motivation. I’m tormented by the thought of losing family to the devil and the suffering of family. My motivation isn’t for myself.

          • Our Lord offered Himself because He loves us so much. Do you think He would not
            answer the prayers of a sincere and loving heart? It is impossible! Place your family in the wound of His Sacred Side. He will not let them be lost!

  3. Tears welled-up in my eyes as I read this. These promises are so beautiful and loving that surely . . . OK, hopefully . . . they are genuine.

    I began the St. Bridget prayers last year and got through 5 months of daily prayer before my mother-in-law became acutely ill and then died. In my grief I could only pray the rosary and all my other prayers were placed on hold. I think I’m going to consider praying them again. The beauty of these prayers is just too lovely to leave un-prayed.

    “Un-prayed” – why, I’ve invented a new word!

    Thank you, Fr. Jay! God bless.

  4. This is a good prayer that I could start as a dedication. I can also share this to some friends who wish to have more prayer time. Apart from the prayer of St. Bridget, it encourages meditation and an alone time with God.

  5. What a magnificent and merciful prayer! Where can I purchase or make an offering for a printed copy of these promises and prayers. Our Catholic bookstores have no knowledge of these prayers and it is impossible to download them.

  6. You can purchase a beautiful printed copy of the 12 year prayers from the Dupage Marian Center, 317 W. Ogden, Westmont, IL…630-968-4684.

    • I never head of St. Bridget’s prayer until a few months ago. It’s strange that this prayer has not been more widely spread. Even clerks working in Catholic book stores admit that they are unfamiliar with this prayer and never heard of it!

  7. I prayed the 15 St. Bridget prayers for 5 years — I loved the prayers and promises. 3 1/2 years ago I dropped dead of a cardiac arrest. I was brought back to life with CPR and a defibulator on the scene. In the hospital the doctor used the exact phase “you died a sudden death” very similar to promise “14. I shall preserve him from a sudden death.” Shortly after the whole incident a friend showed me the 7 prayers to be prayed over 12 years. I have done 3+ years toward the 12 years — I am a believer in the prayers and promises! By the way, I remembered the promise 2 weeks after I had been released from the hospital while I was saying my rosary. I get goose bumps everytime I think of it.

  8. Wow Barry. That is a wonderful testimony about your “sudden death”! Thank God for these prayers and promises, and that you were preserved from a sudden death!
    I did the 15 prayers last year, now I am almost finished with the first year of the 12-year prayers.

  9. My mom said these prayers. She died last summer. She had 8 days from diagnosis (of severe aggressive leukemia) till the day she died. I asked if she knew she was going to die. She said she knew for about 2 months. In that time she visited everyone she wanted to visit and made plans for her burial and will. She was definitely made aware she was going to die.

  10. Well, as far as the promises go… I don’t really care if they are ‘real’ or not. It is not for me to decide whether or not I will suffer purgatory, how I will die etc. – that is the Lord’s decision. It is not that I am lacking in faith but I would rather come before the Lord without expectations or conditions….humble myself before the Lord and be elated if he pardons me. Then – if I do pray these prayers and suffer no purgatory, know my time of death, etc I will be extremely honoured and eternally grateful. It is my greatest hope that my prayers will be acceptable and pleasing to the Father and I know my reward will come in whatever fashion He decides. If I do suffer, in this life or the next – I’m sure it will be for my healing and benefit (or for some other divine cause) and not as a form of punishment from God.

    As far as the 12 years go – I started praying these prayers in February of 2006. I don’t count the years anymore because it has become a part of my daily prayer routine. I don’t plan on stopping after 12 years. I will stop will I am no longer able to pray…….

    Let’s say for the sake of argument that my prayers are worthy and the promises ‘arrive’. Perhaps in his great mercy God will release 6 souls if I pray for 24 years…… Perhaps if I then offer my “Get out of Jail – aka purgatory FREE card” in exchange for the release of another soul God will release 7 of my choosing….. That’s a potential of 7 people that I love that would not have to suffer….. possibly more if I live longer!! What more could a girl ask?

    Ok – so let’s say that there’s more to it…. That the promises don’t come. That I was not attentive enough or God had another plan or whatever the case may be…. What if I spend all these years praying and I die a sudden death and am sent to purgatory – then what….? I still believe that my prayers help the poor souls in purgatory and so – I carry on. I sometimes try to think of these prayers as a form of charity…. as a good deed that I perform for other people. And if at some time in the future I find myself in a similar situation, when I am completely helpless and unable to repay in any fashion – I pray to God that someone else will pay me the same courtesy….. Amen

  11. Thank you all for all your comments! You are wonderful, inspirational people and I just know God will bless you all through Mary, “now at at the hour of our death” Amen

  12. Hey, all of you, this is truly awesome, you truly love Jesus Our Lord and His Blessed Mother, and Holy Mother Catholic Church, and this brings joy, hope to my heart. you truly seem to be out of this world, for you are already living in God’s Kingdom. if you can, get a copy of The Pieta, a little prayer book which contain many other powerful prayers, including the prayer to St Michael and the nine chorus of angels, which also bring promises, but even if those promises were not true, we must beleive in the aid that our guardian angels give to us. Our God, has truly blessed us with all the spirituals blessings and gifts in His Beloved Son and Our Lord Jesus, and in that note, I leave you with my tought, that We who believe and Love God, we are truly rich and can take this to bank, and those who do no believe, are also rich, but live in the worst state of poverty, because they do not know they are wealthy and they do not how to go to bank. So, lets us all keep in praying for sinners anywere, sinners in the universal church, sinners in our own families and even for ourselves, for we too, while were are in this body and on this earth, we have the need of Our Lord Jesus. Lets offer all to Jesus, to love him more and more for He alone is Worthy.
    All you posts have truly inspired me.
    Blessings to all.

  13. One question the 15 prayers are prayed all in one day or 1 day at a time and start all over?
    I just found this prayer and I want to start praying. I want to pray it the right way. I always fear I’m praying wrong like not reciting the 15 prayers correctly, the Rosary or chaplets, etc.,
    Thank you

    • These are the “7 Prayers”, the “15 Prayers” are also from St. Bridged. Both are prayed every day for the specified amount of time. The 15 prayers are prayed every day for one year. The 7 prayers are prayed every day for 12 years.

      Also, if you miss a day due to some unforeseen circumstances, just make it up on another day.

      • Has the Catholic Church no information on the 7 prayers. I pray them every day because I have three close family members who I need to help with them and I receive great solace and comfort in their being true. “Sacro COllegio de propaganda Fidel”as well as POpe CLement XII. Stated this devotion good and recommended them &Pope INnocent X confirmed the revelation as being from the Lord. Any more info out there?

  14. Just finished 1 year saying the 15 daily prayers. What beautiful prayers they are, they bring great comfort to your daily life! I have just downloaded the 7 prayers for the 12 yrs. I have just been so inspired by these posts by you very committed people above! We really need to witness to our belief in the Lord. We can give encouragement to others and that is what we are called to do in the scriptures!! God bless to all.

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