The “I personally believe, but” attitude among Catholic politicians

How far must we go before something is done about our so called “Catholic” politicians who live a double life? I’m not talking about those who are married and running around on the side, although that is disgusting. What I am talking about is politicians who parade around proclaiming their Catholic identity and then go on to say how they love their faith, but “for me,” “I personally believe,” “I’m against fill in the blank, but would never force others to accept my beliefs.”

These people are hypocrites of the highest degree. Imagine for a moment if I worked for Apple and decided that I was going to publicly endorse Microsoft Windows. “I believe in Mac OS, but personally, I believe Windows 8 is a much better product.” You can bet any amount you want that employee would be called in and fired on the spot.

Do we really believe what we profess or have we become Catholic a la carte? I would dare to say this would not have been tolerated in times past. These politicians and Catholic liberals (I hate that word used in religious) are modernists at the best. Many young priests call them Protestants, but I hate to offend our Protestant brothers and sisters with such a vile description. Many of them are much more faithful than our “Catholic” brethren.

Today, Governor Christ Christie of New Jersey signed a bill banning reparative therapy for youths with same-sex attraction. Read on below.

From CWN:

Following California’s lead, New Jersey has enacted a ban on reparative therapy for youths with same-sex attractions.

After signing the bill, the office of Gov. Chris Christie, a Catholic (In name), issued a statement emphasizing that the governor disagrees with the Church’s teaching (What gall) on homosexuality. The statement quoted a 2011 interview in which Christie said:

‘Well my religion says it’s a sin. I mean I think, but for me (As if his opinion about Church teaching matters. Where does he get his authority? The Church get’s Her’s from Christ.), I’ve always believed (Believed? I feel. My emotions tell me. Let’s hear the facts governor, not what you believe!) that people are born with the predisposition to be homosexual. (There are no scientific facts to prove this, in fact, there are studies done by the gay community that prove the opposite.) And so I think if someone is born that way it’s very difficult to say then that’s a sin. But I understand that my Church says that, but for me personally (He obviously doesn’t.) I don’t look at someone who is homosexual as a sinner.’ (If you took the time to study what your Church teaches, you would see that She doesn’t teach that someone who has the inclination is a sinner, only someone who acts on the inclination! Is someone who is drawn to rob a bank a bank robber or someone who acts on that inclination?)
“His action on this bill is consistent with his belief that people are born gay and homosexuality is not a sin,” the statement added.

It’s obvious where this is coming from and where it is going. Mr. Christi is going to run for President and he wants to pacify the gay activists. Did he ever consider the thousands of people with same-sex attraction who live a chaste life and want to live a normal, healthy life? I doubt it, because they are the silent majority.

Here is a good link about common misconceptions about homosexuality from a scientific viewpoint. Click here.


8 thoughts on “The “I personally believe, but” attitude among Catholic politicians

  1. Dear Father
    Although I strongly disagree with Chris Christie, he is nothing in comparison to the so-called Catholic priests who are misleading the faithful. We had to leave our parish (OL Snows located in Clarks Summit, PA) because the priest is an avid supporter of Obama…he donated more than $1200.00 to the Obama campaign and when I questioned him about it he told me to mind my own business.

  2. Father,
    Christie is pro life in a place where that is a huge political minus. He has done a decent job here in the garden state. The real people to worry about are the bidens and cuomos who say there catholic but are pro choice.

  3. Christie may be pro-life and certainly, I do agree with Pat that we have plenty of Biden’s and Cuomo’s out there to worry about.

    However….. it doesn’t take much to see he’s beginning the old red-state-blue-state political shuffle designed to appeal to electorates far beyond his left-leaning state. Everything is for sale, no?

    So what this “Catholic” is broadcasting by joining the liberal “science guy” movement, is, in essence, that if you dare (even privately) take a Christian, or Biblical attitude towards homosexual inclinations, the state of New Jersey makes it illegal to get help. This is a horrific violation of religious freedom and Christie should be ashamed to have even considered signing it.

    His rationale included this thoughtful statement:

    “…on issues of medical treatment for children we must look to experts in the field to determine the relative risks and rewards. The American Psychological Assn. has found that efforts to change sexual orientation can pose critical health risks including, but not limited to, depression, substance abuse, social withdrawal, decreased self-esteem and suicidal thoughts.”
    How about at least the consideration of the documented health risks of homosexual behaviors? How can an organization such as The American Psychological Association overlook those statistics?

    Homosexual teens are far more likely to engage in risky and antisocial behavior and suffer from mental pathologies. These include IV drug use, multiple sexual partners with unprotected sex, STD’s, suicide, depression, anxiety, etc. Over a lifetime approximately 17% of homosexual men have 1,000 or more sexual partners, another 17% have 500-1000 sexual partners and the modal range of sexual partners for homosexual men is 100 to 500. The mean range of sexual partners for heterosexual men, depending on the study, is 9-12. People in homosexual relationships are far less likely to have relationships that involve sexual fidelity. Adult homosexuals are, like their teen cohort, also more likely to have HIV, Gonorrhea, engage in IV drug use, etc.

    Clearly, the risk of damaging a child’s self-esteem from trying to encourage them to avoid a self-destructive lifestyle is so much worse than those consequences.

    Call me crazy, but I think doing everything you could to keep your kid from a self-destructive lifestyle would be an inherent parental responsibility.

  4. Bravo Father, Dr. Whitehead has her finger on the pulse of what’s really going on in regard to SSA research. For further details on her studies goto (The NARTH website is loaded with great articles on related issues.)
    As far as Christie is concerned he is a disgrace. He is now playing God and deciding on what is best for children. He has sold out to the liberals and may as well be another Obama talking head. Heck, he might as well become a democrat so he can really show his true colors and not hide his real agenda behind cryptic passages like Obama.
    As far as his pro-life stand, just wait, it will become water downed like the rest. Soon we will be hearing the same old line ” well I don’t personally believe in abortion but BLAH BLAH BLAH”.

  5. One major problem with traditional Catholics is everything is all or nothing and there is no line drawing or distinctions. I’m no Christie apologist but if he is the next leader of this nation and he is pro life, but opposes gay conversion therapy it will be a GREAT day for this nation. Stop letting the perfect be tge enemy of the good!

  6. We hear the comment “traditional” Catholic often, but what does it actually mean? What are the other types of Catholics? There are “Liberal” Catholics who have rejected parts of our faith, the teaching authority of the Pope and bishops and have assumed to themselves the right to decide if a teaching is true or false. À la Carte Catholicism does us no favors. That Christie is pro-life but rejects other important church teachings (especially if politically motivated) is no cause for celebration.

    He just signed legislation making it ILLEGAL for any licensed therapist from helping children overcome unwanted same-sex attraction – regardless if parents and/or the child wanted the help to reconcile their feelings with their faith. Now a NJ assemblyman suggested that the government take children seeking change away from their parents. In essence, it’s perfectly fine for a boy to want to be a girl, but essentially ILLEGAL for a homosexual to want to be a heterosexual. And rest assured the state will ensure this. Be careful what you wish for – this would be NO great day for our nation and liberty, if this man were elected to lead our country.

    “…..the Archives of Sexual Behavior – no bastion of conservatism – determined in a 2001 study that nearly half of all gay-identified men were molested by a homosexual pedophile: “46 percent of homosexual men and 22 percent of homosexual women reported having been molested by a person of the same gender.”

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