Changing iCloud username in iOS devices

Recently, my mother’s eMail address change. I updated her user id on Apples website. However, we ran into a snag with changing her id on her iPad and iPhone. I tried deleting the id in her iPad, but it would not accept her password. If your having the same problem, I finally found the answer.

  1. Go into your iOS device (iPad, iPhone, or whatever else it may be) “Settings”. Turn off all of your iCloud syncing. One that you will not be able to turn off is “Find my iPad (iPhone, etc…)”. Be sure to save your contacts, calendars, … to you iOS device.
  2. Open iTunes on your computer. Under “Quick Links” select “Account”. Once you log in, you will see the following window. To the right of your “Apple ID”, select “Edit”. Change your eMail address back to your old address and click “Done”.
  3. Go back into your iOS device. Open “Settings”, “iCloud”. Click on “Delete Account” at the bottom. Be sure to select “Accept”.
  4. Go back into iTunes Account settings and put in your new username again.
  5. Finally, go back into your iOS device and put in your new iCloud account user id.

That should fix your problem!