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In the past two days, I have visited over 20 churches. One is more beautiful than the other. Tradition Catholic art and architecture lifts the mind and soul to God. Sometimes, all you can do is sit there in awe an wonder at the beauty. Here are just a few of my 285 pictures so far. How times have changed – we can take pictures to our hearts content and not worry about wasting film that you had to spend big money to develop.

Today, I started out at Sant’ Ignaio di Loyola. This beautiful Jesuit church holds the remains of St. Aloysious Gonzaga and his teacher, St. Robert Bellermine, who wanted to be buried near his student.


St. Robert Bellarmine

St. Aloysius Gonzaga

St. Aloysius Gonzaga

I went on from there to Santi Apostoli, or the Church of the Twelve Apostles. This is the resting place of Saints Philip and James.





Santi Apostoli

Santi Apostoli

Tomb of Saints Philip & James

Tomb of Saints Philip & James

More in the next post!



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