Did you get the picture Rite?

This is the answer to Monday’s post “Do you know?

The park is called Giardino deli Aranci (Orange tree garden with scenic terrace). It is located on Via di Santa Sabina, located next the the beautiful Basilica of Santa Sabina which is run by the Domicans. It was used for a pretty spooky scene in the movie The Rite. The exorcist, Father Lucas Trevant, who is played by Anthony Hopkins was possessed by a demon at this point in the movie. He is in an unbuttoned cassock, with bare feet, standing in the park overlooking Rome. A little girl approaches Fr. Trevant and asks him to bless her doll. The priests right hand is twitching violently. He calmly caresses the child’s face, and. We’ll, you can watch the scent below.

Here is a link to the park in Google Maps, in case you want to visit it on your next trip to Rome. Below the video is a picture of the spectacular view from the park.


Giardino deli Aranci