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When I pray the Divine Office, I prefer to hold a book in my hands and get away from technology. Yet, I still love my Divine Office App. There are times that you don’t want to lug that big book around with you. And, when I am on vacation, I surely don’t want to add an extra few pounds to my already heavy traveling bags.

Win a copy of this app. I have three to give away, so read on and I’ll tell you more further on.

The Divine Office App is really awesome. Let’s have a look at it here. In my Liturgy folder on my iPhone, it is tope left. (I do have more Liturgy apps, but need to rearrange my phone.)


Click the icon and you will see this temporary screen as it loads. This new version loads so fast that I had to snap a screen shot several times before I caught it.


Once the app loads, it takes you to the current day.


You can either use it as in the first screen capture, or go to full screen.



Font size, and brightness are adjustable to better suit your needs. And, if you are driving or just want to spend time listening, you can play the audio version and pray along. The audio speed can be increased if there is a need to move along. This version is great. It allows you to download up to 21 days in advance. The app gives you the ability to share with your social networks, see how many people are praying “now” and where in the world they are. You can also share feedback and record future enhancements to the app.

Overall, I think this is a very well designed and practical app. Who would have ever though we could have our breviary in a shirt pocket.

I have three copies of the app to give away (iPhone only, if you don’t have an iPhone, go over to the Divine Office website and get it there). If you are interested, send me an eMail with “Divine Office” in the subject line with your Name and eMail address by December 18, 2014 9:00 am (EST) and I will pick three names out of a hat. A special thanks to my friend Dane Falkner at Surgeworks for providing this giveaway. Drop by the Divine Office website to learn more. Good luck and keep praying!




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